Thursday, January 02, 2014

2014 Blogger Challenge | New Years Inspiration

Hi Lovers,

This is the first post under the #2014 Blogger Challenge. I am really glad to make part of this ;)

For those who do not know me yet, I would like to introduce myself to this blogging network. I am a 25 years old girl, working in management and seeking to leave my life. While enjoying life I also want to build something...something for tomorrow. The balance between the 2 seems a simple thing, but it can be more difficult than that!

Last year was challenging, different and hard to pass through. It might have been the hardest period I can even remember. This was time to think, reflect and change my mind regarding standards and the idea of was time to change my focus. On the other hand, and because it was a hard time, my real me came through and was shown on the top of all the rest. 

Airless with so much noise, there was something that I was not strong enough to remember: my life standards, my goals, my light. This can be translated into 3 sentences:

1) Be the change you want to be see in the world
a sentence from Mahatma Ghandi

Should you be a lover of life and the world, you will love others...if you are so, you can achieve what you want and be the difference you want to see in the world. On the other hand, should you be a hater, the Universe will make his part in refusing your legacy. You are powerful but Universe is even be friendly ;)

2) Believe in what you believe
this sentence comes from my heart,

When I say "believe" I do not refer believe in your dreams, although this is also included in the concept. This sentence means to me that sometimes people tell you that what you believe is a dream rather than reality. It might be so, and you might need to run after it to achieve it. Other times, maybe that thing already exists but only you can see it...just keep believing in it. 

Some people actually calls it "faith"...I do not give it a word. I just trust that we must believe in something! This mainly means: believe in yourself. 

3) Trust that success is where you know it is
this is also something I truly believe

When I started writing my thesis, I choose a subject that no one would support. Even those who love me and care for me, even those would tell me to change it. I believed I could do that. I passed through a year of hurdle after hurdle. At the end I managed it. I did not think it was worth the efforts. Now, 2 years later, and after some working experience, I have been supporting my thesis by experiencing what I tried to prove. Now I know that the effort was worth it. 

These 3 quotes are deeply important for who I am and who I became. And after the experience of 2013, I decided to bring them back to my mind - and that's why this is my choice for 2014!

What are yours? Don't forget to share it with the world ;)



  1. Great post!
    Sian xx

  2. Hi Sian,

    I am glad you liked. Thanks for your comment.
    I thought your quotes really nice as well ;) more inspiration for 2014 :D


  3. Great post! :) You have lovely blog ;) xo's

    Pink Frenzy

    1. Hi Laura,

      Thank you! It is in portuguese though ;) Just started some posts in english due to this challenge! Have you posted already your quotes? Feel free to share it! Sometimes I check out your blog..there are nice reviews!


  4. Trust you can, and you will.

    beautifully written, Daniela.


    1. Hi Smasim (again eheh),

      Thank you! It came from my heart, so I hope it might inspire people! ;)