Wednesday, February 05, 2014

2014 Blogger Challenge | Book: Remember me (Lesley Pearse)

Hello Community,

I come today with the 3rd topic under the 2014 Blogger Challenge. Today I chose to talk about this specific book I read some years ago. It is still in my mind as one of the greatest international books I have read.

Remember me, from Lesley Pearse, reveals the story of a strong women who survives to a life path that not all could go through. The book is full of emotions and, even stronger, it is based on a true story. The details described by Lesley make you actually feel in your body and mind what Mary - the character - is going through.

For a better taste of what the book is about, I am quoting below the book preface (taken from GoodReads).

The Queen of Storytellers is back - with a triumphant tale of one woman's struggle over adversity. In 1786 a fisherman's daughter from Cornwall called Mary Broad was sentenced to be hung for theft. But her sentence was commuted, and she was transported to Australia, one of the first convicts to arrive there. How Mary escaped the harsh existence of the colony and found true love, and how she was captured and taken back to London in chains, only to be released after a trial where she was defended by no less than James Boswell, is one of the most gripping and moving stories of human endeavour (based on an amazing true story) you will ever read.

While reading this book, I did something that I never do with books: I cried, I cried and I cried. The more I would read, the more I would cry, and the more I would cry the more I wanted to read. The story totally sucks you in, in an indescribable way.

I have also read some reviews, to see whether the book was indeed good, or I was just going through a sensitive moment, feeling the story much deeper. I have not found opposite opiniões. Most of the reviews explained exactly what I just said above: strong story, very well written, emotional and highly attractive to our attention. 

I have not yet bought the book, as I borrowed it, but I still intend to buy it and read the story again. I have bought other book of Lesley Pearse though, and all of them are amazing. I keep loving the way she writes and the way she can catch my attention.

I think this book is totally worth reading - at least once in life ;)

I found a nice promotion on, where you can buy the book (in english) for 3,50 pounds. Even if you do not want to buy it here, you can have a look inside the book to see whether you enjoy the writing style of Lesley.

In the portuguese translation, the book is called: "Nunca me Esqueças" and you can find it in any library for around 16 euros.

Have you read it already? What did you thought of it? Haven't you yet? I totally advice ;)

Hope you enjoyed! 


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