Sunday, December 08, 2013

Sharing Point | 2014 Blogger Challenge - let's join this challenge together!

Hey Lovers,

This might be sounding weird, as this is the first time I dare to write in english on LifeLoverbydani. I have decided to make the blog more diversified and hence there will be an english post every weekend! Are you up to it? ;)

Anyway, I came today, not to talk about the blog itself, but rather to share something with you about another blog. Have you heard about the "2014 Blogger Challenge"? If not yet, just keep reading ;)

This challenge has been issued by Gaby from Another Girl's Blog. But what is this challenge about Dani? This is about writing a blogpost about different topics twice every month. I thought this was just an amazing initiative....the posts will be released during the 1st and 3rd weeks of each month. 

It does not matter what your blog is about, what is your long as you are willing to participate you have the door opened to subscribe - this is all about writing! 

How do I participate?

All you have to do is to go to post and follow the instructions for subscription. Afterwards, you should write a blogpost explaining the challenge - just like I am doing. You can also e-mail Gaby via sending your blog URL, e-mail address and name.

To help in spreading this word about this initiative, it would be great if you could add the challenge bottom to the side bar of your blog.

So, who's in? :D I wanna see you there!!


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